Chapter 5

Chapter Five: “Making
Responsible Choices”

Make all your choices conscious!

When you are unaware of your choices, you choose in fear. When you are aware of your fear, you are able to choose differently. For the first time human evolution requires conscious choices—specifically, your conscious choices.

This lesson, “Making Responsible Choices,” will show you how to choose consciously and constructively at each fork in the road. Will you choose as you have in the past or will you choose differently? In this chapter you will learn how to make choices that will transform your life for the better.

“Choice is the engine of our evolution.

—Gary Zukav

An unconscious choice is a reaction.

A conscious choice is a response.

Each choice you make creates experiences for you and others. When you choose a response that will create consequences for which you are willing to assume responsibility, you make a responsible choice.

Which choice will you make?

There will always be forks in the road and with responsible choice you can always choose the path of health, creativity, and fulfillment. Your spiritual partners will support you in this and you can support them.

Welcome to the potential of conscious choice. 

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