Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: “Living My
Spiritual Partnerships Every Day”

Create relationships of substance and depth!

This chapter, “Living My Spiritual Partnerships Every Day,” shows you how to create the most meaningful, challenging, and rewarding relationships possible. These relationships support you in learning about yourself so that you can change yourself for the better.

Make every day an adventure of love and fulfillment!

“When you experience gratitude and reverence for life you see beyond your appearances, your judgments disappear and your heart opens.

—Gary Zukav

Every interaction activates frightened and loving parts of your personality. How would you like to have relationships that support you in challenging the frightened parts and cultivating the loving parts? You can.

The exercises and practices in this chapter will empower you to put into practice daily what you are learning about emotional awareness, responsible choice, and intuition.

Spiritual partnerships provide countless opportunities to expand in love, experience grace, and create authentic power.This lesson shows you how to use them.

The adventure of spiritual partnership awaits you.

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