Exercise 1

Exercise 1

Which Path to Take

You are always at a branching of the path.

Will you go left, right, straight ahead, or stop?

Which path will you choose?

In the box below, list a few of your recent decisions that you were unhappy with, that you later regretted. They can be decisions about what you chose to say to a friend when you were upset, perhaps when your child did something that you disapproved of, or some other decision that you made.

Now choose one of these decisions to explore.

Consider this decision as a choice of a path at a fork in the road.

Next, think about the other choices you could have made and imagine each of these as other paths you could have taken. Imagine how the situation could have turned out.

A responsible choice is a choice that takes into account
the consequences of each of your choices.
—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

The Mind of the Soul

Now, looking at your life in the larger sense, ask yourself if the path you are on now is really the one you want to be on.

Write your experiences and insights below.

In the next 24 hours, choose another decision to explore, for example, one you made
about a coworker, friend, or neighbor.

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