$.fn.qtip.styles.redW = { // Last part is the name of the style
width: 200,
background: ‘#f84024’,
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textAlign: ‘center’,
border: {
color: ‘#f84024’,
radius: 5
tip: ‘topLeft’,
$.fn.qtip.styles.blueW = { // Last part is the name of the style
width: 200,
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$(“#lights a”).qtip({style:’redW’});
$(“#lights a”).click(function(){
$(this).toggleClass(“click”); //change CSS background
var title = $(this).attr(“titles”).split(‘|’);
var api = $(this).qtip(“api”);
if ($(this).hasClass(‘click’)){
//$(this).attr(‘title’, title[0]);
//$(this).attr(‘title’, title[1]);
return false;

#lights{margin:-20px 0 15px -50px;position:relative;width:719px;height:474px;background:url(/holo-content/themes/thesis_17/custom/images/mansion/dark.png) center bottom;}
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The Rooms in My Mansion

The Mansion of your personality has many rooms. It houses all your experiences, hopes, dreams, and fears. Let’s take a look inside.

Mouse over the rooms of the mansion to see some of the words that describe the frightened and loving parts of your personality. Click on each window to see alternative words. Be honest with yourself and select the words which most describe your behavior in the past. Type your experiences, insights, and observations about yourself in the space below. Then click “Journey On” to continue.

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