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Welcome to our Sneak Peek!

Introducing Our NEW Evolutionary Online Course for Creating Spiritual Partnership

We are so excited to see you here! We would like to share with you what we have been working on for months now…our new Seat of the Soul Institute Online Engagement System and our brand new online course! We believe these tools will enrich and transform all of our lives as we explore and practice Spiritual Partnership together!

The Next Step
To access Chapter One of our new eCourse, Awakening to Spiritual Partnership, you will need to sign up for a free site membership. In addition to exploring Chapter One, you will also receive the following benefits as a member:
articles and reviews
blog posts and comments
free authentic power tools
free audio lessons
free videos in Seat of the Soul TV
advance notice of events in your area…and MORE!!

Sign up for your free membership here.

Awakening to Spiritual Partnership is just the beginning….
SoulLearning is our exciting new immersive online eLearning community. It will feature a series of rich-media online courses, designed specifically for you!

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey today!

EXPERIENCE SoulLearning, an inspiring and effective way to accelerate your spiritual growth.

SoulLearning—a remarkable online adventure into your spiritual growth—provides video, audio, music, and self-reflective writing experiences that will empower you to implement and integrate what you learn. Through interactive questions and in-depth presentations by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis, along with sharing from Authentic Power Program participants, you will:

  • Discover the opportunities and benefits of creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships.
  • Learn more about yourself and your choices through stimulating online exercises.
  • Relax into guided meditations led by Gary that help you access your intuition and creativity.

EXPERIMENT with the practical tools you will learn to use in Awakening to Spiritual Partnership.This is our very first interactive eCourse that takes you through SEVEN life-changing chapters:

Spiritual partnerships are arenas for discovering and challenging your fears and exploring and cultivating your love with experiments, bold ventures into the eternally new territory of the eternal present moment.

— Gary Zukav

  1. Preparing for My Journey to Authentic Power
  2. Moving from External Power to Authentic Power
  3. Deepening Emotional Awareness
  4. Becoming Aware of My Intentions
  5. Making Responsible Choices
  6. Accessing My Intuition
  7. Living My Spiritual Partnerships

EVOLVE with a community of online Spiritual Partners, all committed to spiritual growth:

  • Reflect upon and write about your experiences in your private SoulLog, an ongoing online record of your spiritual journey.
  • Discover more exercises in the SoulLearning Blogs, and share the results of your experiments with Gary and Linda, and your SoulLearning community.
  • Best of all…create the deep and substantive relationships that you long for and the fulfilling life that you have always desired!

about Awakening to Spiritual Partnership!

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