Events with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

OMEGA Costa Rica Spiritual Partnership Workshop

OMEGA Costa Rica
Spiritual Partnership Workshop

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

January 15 – 22, 2011

Would you like to transform your relationships into deep, substantive, and joyful partnerships?

Join Gary Zukav, author of Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, and his spiritual partner Linda Francis. Discover the rich opportunities each relationship in your life presents for creating authentic power and spiritual growth.

Learn and practice the guidelines for creating spiritual partnerships filled with harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. If you want your relationships to help you grow spiritually, instead of enduring them, surviving them, or being swept away by them, join us for a rich and revealing experience.

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Take classes with some of OMEGA’s top teachers in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful natural settings! Meet new friends and enjoy all that Blue Spirit Retreat has to offer, including delicious food, comfortable accomodations, miles of white sand beaches, and infinity pool, and more…

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An all-inclusive OMEGA winter learning vacation at Blue Spirit Retreat offers the perfect combination of rest and relaxation, lifelong learning, and inspired living.

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OMEGA packages include:

7 nights of accommodations
3 delicious meals per day
Your choice of workshops
Full beach access
Daily early morning yoga or movement class
Evening activities and events
Use of the infinity swimming pool and library
WiFi access in the rooms, library, and café

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