Exercise 2

Exercise 2

Exploring My Questions and Concerns

Now that you’ve become open, you may have some questions or concerns about practicing spiritual partnership.

Look though the following and check off any that apply to you.

Frequent questions and concerns about practicing spiritual partnership

[NOTE:These boxes need to be programmed so that they can be checked or unchecked:]

â–¡ I am concerned that I will be judged as crazy, odd, different, and preachy or even seem like a zealot.

â–¡ What do I say when my partner says, Why do you have to talk about this and make our lives complicated?

â–¡ How can I express myself clearly without using the vocabulary of authentic power?

□ I’m afraid of a negative reaction if I ask someone to be a spiritual partner.

□ I’m concerned that the other person might not keep what I share private.

□ I’m afraid of being rejected if I open up to other people.

□ I’m concerned about opening myself up and being vulnerable if I reveal myself.

□ I’m really concerned about losing my relationship if we try to become spiritual partners and it doesn’t work out.

□ What do I do if my partner doesn’t want to grow spiritually?

Check the Wisdom Library for answers.

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