Exercise 4

Exercise 4

My Script for Practicing Spiritual Partnership

What follows are only examples. What you actually experience will be in the moment and fresh every time. Take your time and really feel your experience.

Imagine that you have become upset with the other person and find yourself reacting to them. For the purpose of this exercise, remember the last time this happened.

With this in mind, imagine saying to the other person:

1. “(use the person’s name), thanks for being with me to practice spiritual partnership. I’m willing and open to challenge my reactions.”

Now take your attention to your body.

2. “I am now checking my energy centers for any physical sensations.” Pause and say for example,”Yes, I’m feeling constrictions in my chest and throat.”

There is no need to explain or justify what you are experiencing.

3. “Now I am checking my thoughts.” Pause and say for example, “I’m thinking resentful thoughts about what you said, and I realize that I’m also critical of myself for reacting the way I did.”

There is no need to elaborate on any thoughts you are having.

4. “(use the person’s name), my deepest intention is to create authentic power rather than react to you.”

5. “I’m now choosing to challenge this frightened part of my personality by not acting on it.”

6. “I’m now going to ask intuition for guidance.” “What is the healthiest thing I can say or do now?” (pause) (For example, intuition may prompt you to appreciate the other person.)

Remember, intuition may not give you immediate guidance.

7. If you need time to receive it, then say: “(use the person’s name), may I come back to you later to give myself more time?”

8. “(use the person’s name), thanks so much for being with me. I truly appreciate your willingness to listen and share this practice with me.”

When you complete this exercise, write what you discover about yourself below.

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