Exercise 6

Exercise 6

Practicing with My Family

Whatever your family dynamics, extraordinary opportunities to grow together spiritually underlie them. No relationships offer more possibilities to grow spiritually than those with your family, especially your parents. They are often the most intense, challenging, and potentially the most rewarding. Family dynamics are far more complex, deep, and powerful than they appear.

When you create a spiritual partnership in your family, the healing can be greater than you can imagine and the intimacy truly gratifying and joyful.

When you are triggered by someone in your family, let them know that you are practicing something new. Tell them that you intend to learn about yourself when you get upset instead of reacting in anger, impatience, or judgment. If they are interested, you can practice and share with them what you are doing. If they are not interested, you can still create authentic power yourself. This will begin to make a big difference in how you interact with them in the future.

If your family finds this process insightful, please refer them to this eCourse and the Seat of the Soul website.

Family exercise

Take a moment to think about your family.

Make two lists—one for your immediate family and one for your extended family.

By each name write one or more of the following:

  • C for those you feel Closest to
  • D for those you have Difficulties with
  • P by by those you want to Practice with

Now, invite your selected family members to practice with you using the script in Exercise 4.

When you finish this practice, write what you learn about yourself below.

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