Exercise 8

Exercise 8

Practicing with My Co-Workers

Work is where most of us spend the majority of our time, and it’s a place where opportunities to grow spiritually abound.

What are co-workers?

Are they just people you work with
or are they longing for a new sense of meaning at work?

When you see a co-worker as a soul who, like you, sometimes reacts from fear, you can more easily respond with compassion.

Spiritual partnerships at work naturally lead to joy, meaning, and cooperation; and this will lead to the transformation of commerce.

Co-workers exercise

Make a list of co-workers you feel would be open to spiritual partnership.

Put a P next to those you want to Practice with.

Invite those co-workers to practice with you using the script from
Exercise 4.

Agree to a time to meet, for example, at lunch or after work.

After you complete this practice, write what you discover about yourself below.

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