Journey to the Soul Special Offer

Transform Your Life
Discover Your Soul



with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis
Sunday, July 24 – Thursday, July 28

Journey to the Soul Retreat

Transform your fears and insecurities into authentic power and a joyful, extraordinary life.

Experience Journey to the Soul, an evolutionary five-day immersion retreat with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis. Begin the exploration of true spiritual partnership.

Journey to the Soul is an in-depth transformational voyage into the deepest, most wholesome, and refreshing sources of meaning and purpose in your Life. Begin to truly understand your emotions, intentions, and your choices. Activate your deep intuition.

Learn specific, practical tools—such as emotional awareness and responsible choice—to apply at work, at home, with your family, with your partner. Journey to the Soul provides a safe and supportive environment to transform your fears into authentic power, love, and deeply transformational spiritual growth.

Explore spiritual partnership in a healing environment on Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Join a community of spiritual partners in learning about authentic power—what it is, why it is important, and how to create it. Led by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis, each session is relational, experiential, and grounded in everyday applications.

The Journey to the Soul 2011 retreat will be held on magnificent Mt. Hood, approximately one hour from Portland, Oregon, at The Resort at the Mountain. For more information, visit or call 503-622-3101 or toll-free 800-669-7666 (from outside Portland). Your room reservations during the event will be made for you by the Seat of the Soul Institute staff.

Retreat Dates and Times

The retreat will begin on Sunday, July 24, at 4:00 PM. Registration starts at 3:00 pm and Orientation begins at 4:00 pm. The last session will end on Thursday, July 28, after lunch (approximately 1:30 PM).

Please plan to stay for the entire event and to attend each session. Prior to departure, you will receive a confirmation Travel Letter to help you prepare for Journey to the Soul and to make travel arrangements.

You create intimacy when you shift from the pursuit of external power—the ability to manipulate and control—to the pursuit of authentic power, the alignment of your personality with your soul.

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Tuition Information

These prices are $300 off the regular early registration prices, exclusive to you our members until May 6, 2011!

This retreat is filling up quickly, so contact us today to register.

Double Occupancy: $ 1,840/person*

Single Occupancy: $ 2,115*

*payment in full by check or credit/debit card in US dollars

Tuition includes:

  • Event
  • Lodging for 4 nights at the Resort at the Mountain
  • Check-in: Sunday, July 24, and Check-out: Thursday, July 28
  • 12 meals (4 lunches and 4 breakfasts – Monday through Thursday;
    and 4 dinners – Sunday through Wednesday)
  • Taxes and gratuities

Tuition does not include:

  • Travel, airfare, snacks, incidentals, or additional nights

Refund Policy

Please refer to our refund policy found under Returns and Refund Policy: Journey to the Soul.

Aligning personality with soul—with harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life—is becoming the new polestar by which we navigate through our lives.

Gary Zukav


To register for the Journey to the Soul 2011:

Fill out, sign, and submit the Journey to the Soul Registration Form and the Financial Arrangements Form.

After we receive your forms, we will e-mail you a questionnaire to complete and e-mail back.

To expedite your registration, fax your signed forms to 541-482-9417 and then postal mail your originals.

Mail your forms to:
Seat of the Soul Institute
PO Box 3310
Ashland, OR 97520 USA

If you have any questions, please email:
or call toll-free 877-733-4279 or 541-482-1515.

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