What choices are you making about your life? Are you listening to what your life is telling you, or to what others are telling you about your life?

—Gary Zukav


“How to be your Own Spiritual Coach”

It was a joy to be with you in Chicago. The support in this micro-website will help you deepen what we discussed and apply it now that you are home.

Follow-through is important. Inspiration is common, but a life transformed by an inspiration is as rare as it magnificent. This page will help you transform your experiences to more meaning and less emptiness, more joy and less pain, more love and less fear.

Step 1: Become a Free Soul Member

I invite you to register with us to receive further materials, thoughts, insights, and opportunities to support you in creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships from me, Linda Francis, and the Seat of the Soul Institute.

Receive the Soul Connections eNewsletter each month, and when our interactive, media-rich eCourse, Awakening to Spiritual Partnership, is available, we will let you know. Print out the Spiritual Partnership Guidelines to experiment with, and we will also let you know when we will be in your area.  And more is coming!

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