Mount Hood Journey Resources

When you hear something that you recognize as true for you, try it out. If it works, incorporate it into your life and use it.

Gary Zukav


Here are some more resources to help you on your journey to the soul

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  1. Enroll in the Journey Support Community (JSSC).

  2. Sign up for the Journey to the Soul 2013.

  3. Take the Awakening to Spiritual Partnership online Course.

  4. The Seat of the Soul (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 1989).

  5. Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 2010). Read the entire book.

  6. Soul Stories (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 2000)

  7. The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 2001)

  8. The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 2003

  9. Soul to Soul: Communications from the Heart (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 2007) (Gary Zukav, Simon & Schuster, 2003

  10. Soul Connections monthly eNewsletter.

  11. Come to another event.

  12. Explore – Free Tools, Spiritual Partnership Guidelines, Interviews, Q&As, SoulBlogs, and more

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