What we discussed at the workshop


This mini-website will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
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—Gary Zukav

Here Is What We Discussed about Using Your Relationships To Grow Spiritually


  • The most meaningful relationships require distinguishing within yourself the difference between love and fear and choosing love no matter what is happening inside you or outside of you.
  • People who are committed to choosing love no matter what is happening and to supporting one another form a new type of relationship – a spiritual partnership.
  • Spiritual partnerships are partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.
  • Spiritual partnerships are different from marriages, friendships, and every other kind of relationship.
  • Many couples are transforming their marriages from “I need you to complete me” or “You need me to complete you” or “We need each other for survival and comfort” into partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth
  • You can create spiritual partnerships with friends, family members, and co-workers, too, provided they are want to become emotionally aware and make healthy, constructive choices.


  • Feeling inferior, superior, or equal has to do only with you.
  • Superiority and inferiority are experiences of frightened parts of your personality. They relate personality-to-personality.
  • Equality is an experience of loving parts of your personality. They relate soul-to-soul.
  • If you are not equal, you will feel superior or inferior.
  • When you feel superior or inferior, frightened parts of your personality are active.
  • When you feel equal, loving parts of your personality are active
  • Personalities are not equal. Some are athletic, some are intellectual, some are artistic, some are large, and some are small.
  • Souls are equal.

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