Use what you learned at home


This mini-website will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
you are home.

—Gary Zukav &
Linda Francis

This Is How To Apply at Home What You Learned about Transforming Your Relationships into Spiritual Partnerships

  1. Go over each point in the first section above (What We Discussed). Do your best to recall that part of the talk.

  2. Print the Handouts and read each one. Really spend some time with them. If it is an exercise, do the exercise. If you only read about how to challenge frightened parts of your personality and cultivate loving parts, you will know about these different parts, but you will remain unconscious while your Life goes on around you and in you (and continue to create painful consequences for yourself).
  3. Look at everything that happens in your relationships not as something bad when it’s painful, but as an opportunity for you to grow deeper and closer together.

    • See the importance of creating equality in your relationship, and that you responsible for creating the experience of equality in you.
    • Use your experiences to learn about yourself instead of blaming others or yourself.
    • Turn even your power struggles into vehicles of spiritual growth for yourself.
    • Recognize fear-based parts of your personality that have run your life and created your countless painful experiences and challenge them by not acting on them.
    • Recognize love-based parts of your personality that create constructive and healthy experiences and cultivate them by acting on them.
  4. See yourself and each other as souls whether you stay together or not.
  5. Do #3 and #4 as many times as you can remember.
  6. Do #3 and #4 for another week.
  7. Continue experimenting with #3 and #4 as long as you feel you might benefit from them.
  8. Explore! Check out the Free Tools, download the Spiritual Partnership Guidelines, come back often, and enjoy yourself.
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