What we discussed at the talk


This mini-website will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
you are home.

—Gary Zukav

Here Is What We Discussed about Authenticity

  • Authentic means genuine. For example, when someone presents herself as a lawyer and she does not have a law degree, she is misrepresenting herself. She says she is one thing, but actually she is another.

    Here is another example: If a someone presents himself as caring for another person, but he actually is looking for appreciation from that person, his actions are not really caring. He pretends to be caring, and may even feel that he is caring, but actually he is caring for himself, even if he does not realize that at the time. He is inauthentic.

  • When you present yourself as different from what you actually are, you are inauthentic.
  • You are a powerful and creative, loving and compassionate spirit.
  • You intend to create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.
  • Then why am I sometimes fearful, jealous, and angry, feel superior or inferior, and think obsessively, act compulsively, or behave addictively?
  • These are experiences of parts of your personality that originate in fear.
  • You can choose not to act on these parts of your personality when they become active.
  • Acting on them prevents you from being authentic.
  • Why am I sometimes grateful, patient, caring, content, and appreciative?
  • These are experiences of parts of your personality that originate in love.
  • You can choose to act on these parts of your personality when they become active (or choose not to act on the fear-based parts of your personality when they become active).
  • This makes you authentic.

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