Tools for Your Journey

The WisdomLibrary

As you explore the WisdomLibrary, begin with the intention to make spiritual growth your highest priority. And come back often, as we will be adding more and more tools for you to use and experiment with…

Authentic Power Guidelines

The Authentic Power Guidelines offer the fundamental daily practice for creating spiritual partnership in your life, any time, any place, and with anyone. Develop Commitment, Courage, Compassion, and Conscious Communication and Actions as you create a life where spiritual growth is at the heart of every relationship. Practice using these Guidelines everywhere—at home, with family, with friends, with adversaries, at work, and at play.

Spiritual partners share the things they most fear will destroy their partnership in order to create authentic power.

Gary Zukav

Vocabulary of Authentic Power

Learn the empowering vocabulary and concepts of Authentic Power. Build the foundation for aligning your personality with your soul. Discover the keys to igniting authentic power in your life—every day, moment-by-moment, in all your relationships. Begin the journey of spiritual transformation today.

Pearls of Wisdom

Use these pearls of wisdom to remind yourself of the empowering Life journey that you are on. Highlights from each chapter in your course, these reminders from Gary Zukav and Linda Francis will assist you in the evolution of your spiritual growth.

Frequent Questions and Concerns

When you are ready to journey through Chapter 7, you will access the most frequent questions and concerns of your fellow students…and the answers and responses from Gary and Linda.

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