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The Spiritual Partnership Guidelines…

show you step by step how to use your relationships to grow spiritually. Change yourself instead of trying to change others. Make all your relationships substantive, deep, and joyful!

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    • Deeper love for yourself as you discover that giving and receiving love are the same; when you give with no attachment you allow yourself to receive with openness.


    • Meaning, purpose, and freedom in your life as you challenge fear-based parts of your personality that are triggered by your interactions with others, and nurture the loved-based parts of your personality that your interactions with others reveal.


    • Joy of conscious co-creation as you discover your unlimited creativity, become a catalyst for the creativity and healing insights of others, and individually and with others use your creativity in ways that you never imagined.


    • Equality that allows you to experience not being separate from others.


    • Develop real courage, the courage to be in integrity to say or do what you know you need to say or do because it is supportive of you and the other(s), even if the other(s) has a reaction.


    • Intimacy that comes from being in integrity. When you do not reveal and challenge your obsessions, compulsions, and addictions, such as judgments, excessive spending, etc., they create distance in you from other/s that becomes so familiar you don’t realize that your heart is closed. (Others feel these things even if they don’t acknowledge them).


    • Turn your power struggles, dramas, and tragedies into opportunities for your own spiritual growth and deeper intimacy with others, especially those you want to be close to.


    • Deepen your commitment to your spiritual growth and your ability to support others each time you set your intention and challenge frightened parts of your personality and nurture loving parts of your personality.


    • Open fully to the love that is in you, but hidden when frightened parts of your personality control you.

Transform your life!

    • Compassion for yourself and others as you become willing to experience and heal the pain that underlies your obsessions, compulsions, and addictions.


    • Ability to enjoy yourself, your spiritual partnerships, and your life independently of what happens outside or inside of you.


  • Develop trust that the Universe is compassionate and wise so that no matter what happens, you know it is perfect for your spiritual growth, given the choices that you have made.


Gary and Linda talk to Oprah about the definition of Spiritual Parthership

A spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. Spiritual Partnership author Gary Zukav and his wife, Linda Francis, talk with Oprah about each phase of that definition.

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