Oprah OWN Awakening Spiritual Partnership Course

Why you shouldn’t look for Mr Right

There is famous line from the film Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise (playing the title character) says, “You complete me.” That isn’t true, Oprah says. Watch Oprah, Spiritual Partnership author Gary Zukav and his wife, Linda Francis, as they discuss why, as opposed to looking for the right person, you should work to make yourself the right person for you, and the right person will be drawn to you based on the work that you’ve done for yourself.

Gary and Linda talk to Oprah

Introductory offer

Awakening to Spiritual Partnership Online Course

Join Oprah in opening yourself to love and authentic power, through this special online course with Gary Zukav. The Awakening to Spiritual Partnership course is an extensions of Gary’s book, in which you can immerse yourself in understanding. Become grateful, appreciative, content, and patient through this process, and develop strong relationships of substance and depth with Gary’s support.

  • Learn more about yourself and your choices through stimulating online exercises
  • Keep a SoulLog and keep track of your thoughts, review how your self-awareness changes over time
  • Explore thought-provoking video content
  • Gain access to the wisdom library and explore spiritual resources
  • Relax into guided meditations led by Gary that help you access your intuition and creativity

Spiritual partnerships are arenas for discovering and challenging your fears and exploring and cultivating your love with experiments, bold ventures into the eternally new territory of the eternal present moment.
Gary Zukav

Join Gary Zukav in an interactive course with 7 life-changing lessons

1) Preparing for My Journey to Authentic Power
2) Moving from External Power to Authentic Power
3) Deepening Emotional Awareness
4) Becoming Aware of My Intentions
5) Making Responsible Choices
6) Accessing My Intuition
7) Living My Spiritual Partnerships Every Day

Gary talks with Oprah about creating Authentic Power

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network “Super Soul Sunday”, March 20 at 11 AM ET/PT

New York Times best-selling author Gary Zukav (“The Seat of the Soul”), sits down with Oprah Winfrey for an all-new interview to discuss creating your authentic power this Sunday, March 20 on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Super Soul Sunday,” airing at 11 a.m. ET/PT (check your local listings).

In this encore interview, Gary talks with Oprah about choosing your intentions and how it can lift your soul, how the energy you put out into the world directly impacts what you get back, and the most important “A-HA!” lesson Oprah has learned.

The concept of spiritual partnership

In her introductory Lifeclass, Oprah explains how Gary Zukav’s message of love has given her a purpose in life. In her Super Soul Sunday programs, Oprah and Gary explore how to create authentic power and spiritual partnerships. Gary would like to invite you to continue the journey you have started in Oprah’s Lifeclass through his new Awakening to Spiritual Partnership course.

Oprah describes one of Gary Zukav’s core messages: that you have the power to change your perspective from one based in fear to one based in love. As Oprah suggests, the ability to make this shift is grounded in understanding yourself and your emotions, and how these can have an effect on your relationships with other people.

Gary Zukav teaches us that we can choose to see ourselves and others in a loving and appreciative way, and, in doing so, transform our challenging experiences into blissful opportunities. Gary’s approach to finding authentic power is one in which we can access our own creativity and joy in life. As Gary explains, we all have the ability to act from the healthiest parts of our personalities, and from this place, we can work toward our goals.

Spiritual Partnership

In Gary Zukav’s new book, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, the path to joy and meaning in our lives unfolds. Gary teaches us how to love more and control less, and create positive life experiences so that we can move past pain on our lives. Learning to focus on the love we give to others provides meaning, but it also clears the path for personal growth and authentic power.



Take the next step

In Gary Zukav’s new Awakening to Spiritual Partnership course, Gary gives you the keys to access your own creativity and joy in life. This course provides you with the tools you need to transform your life’s challenges experiences into blissful opportunities. Through a step-by-step process, each lesson in the course engages you in building the skills you need to become the joyful creator of your own life. Learning how to reclaim your intuition so that you can create authentic power and begin to thrive.

Watch a video overview of SoulLearning

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