The Seat of the Soul changed my life and at last provided for me a scriptural source that I could believe in. I, like so very many in this country, was raised a Christian, but never took the teachings and precepts completely to heart. My experiences in Vietnam drove me to the brink of atheism. But I never stopped believing in ‘God’. I knew instinctively that there was a spiritual dimension to life and the background of reality that it played before. Psychotropic substances verified that dimension by allowing my senses to access it as they showed glimpses of things beyond. A comparative study of religions allowed me to see that various holy writings, scripture, addressed a central spiritual truth to which all religions pointed and had access. Such comparisons dimly illuminated a mental landscape where spirit dwelled not only in the world but in thought and word. Still, the magic thinking and historical baggage of religious scripture kept me from considering organized religion as a meaningful entree into spiritual reality. Then I discovered “Seat of the Soul.” And I had at last found the unity of world and word that confirmed the substance of spirit that I had always known existed.

Thank you, Gary.

And happy birthday.


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