Gary’s 70th Celebration


Happy 70th to Gary!!!!

My name is Mary….and I found out about Gary, ironically, through my now ex-husband. It was one of the first visits Gary made to Oprah, and after I watched this show, I was immediately drawn to his calm demeanor and patience in explaining his book The Seat of the Soul. Within the last month, I purchased my third copy of this book as the first two were completely highlighted in order to help me with whatever was necessary at the time…and I gave one of these books to a former neighbor. Now, I am re-reading this book as I seem to need the support and enlightenment in learning…maybe if I was truly evolved, I wouldn’t need the book…..but have to say, I love this one and have so many others written by Gary and co-written by Gary and, you, Linda.

Thank you….these books have meant more to me than any others…and I continue to try each and every day to be the person I know I am, and was meant to be. I only wish I could be there to meet you both in person and to learn even more.

Mary Fox

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