Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Hi Gary,
I have read your book, “The Seat of the Soul” four times and I have every intention on reading it more. I took it camping and read it to my Sweetheart and my puppies just last month. I sent a copy to my niece because she was having a rough time. I have since bought all of your books on a Gary Zukav shopping spree wave and am excited to read them at my earliest chance. You have changed my outlook on life and I believe that you will do the same for everyone I know as I talk about it quite a bit. I had a horrible childhood starting at the loss of my mother when I was ten years old and it got worse from there. Most of my life I was in a confused state of mind and thought about how could I have had such a bad childhood and why was it so bad? I thought that way for years and years and years. Although I was very kind to others and often told I was very nurturing I was not happy inside. I found your book in my early forties. I am now fifty years old and heart and my spirit is so full of love and understanding for all things good or bad JUST because of you and your kindness in sharing your thoughts. Everyday I bless the day you were born. My love to you and yours. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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