Happy 70th Birthday Gary

To Gary,

“…’a flame has been ignited in you but it’s a little flame and it’s in a big room like a cathedral and you have to feed the flame or it may go out…the love that they give to you is the love that you will give to them’” You feeding the flame made it shine so bright that it was able to reach me. A child from a working class immigrant family. And that flame which eventually reached me was the flame I used to ignite the tiny one that lived in me.

I have and continue to transform my life and your work has been the most significant tool I have used in the process. Today, If I had a mission in life it would simply be to be an example of Love. To be a student daily on how to be an example of Love for myself and those around me. And that mission has been the fruit of aligning my personality with my soul; of creating authentic power.

I feel honored and privileged to be together here in the Earth School with you. And yet, when the time comes and we are no longer here together your flame will still shine bright through me as those that have touched you deeply shine through you. And I guess that is the immortality of the soul. It is the current of Love which lives through each of us and will continue to live till we are all simply one large current of Love.

I love you very much Gary and thank you for sharing the gifts you were born to share; for fulfilling your sacred contract.

Thank you Linda for allowing me the opportunity to share in Gary’s 70th birthday.

Happy 70th Birthday Gary.

With so much Love,

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