What I’ve Learned From Gary

I just recently read my first book by Gary: The Seat of the Soul.

I am a 65 year old Virginian female who has been searching for knowledge all my life. My parents were poor semi-religious people…their religion of choice: Pentacostal. I recall, at age 9 or 10, questioning the logic of how one man and one woman (Adam and Eve), with only two sons, could populate the earth. I was, and still am, both a literal person and a logical person. The response to my question: “We are not to question God”. Not good enough.

In the ensuing 50+ years of searching, I’ve read many writers: Chopra, Dwyer (where I learned of Zukav), Lao Tsu, Borg, Socrates …., and many, many, books. The Gospel According to Mary and Dweller on Two Planets were two such books.

I long ago rejected all organized religion and adopted the idea that individual spirituality and individually developed philosophy was the only reasonable path. Seat of the Soul enforces that idea – thank you, Gary.

As I said earlier, I’m very logical. Everything I read, and all of my thoughts, leads to a ton of questions. The questions take me down rabbit holes and I really want to sit and talk with someone – to debate the ideas. To this point in time, I’ve not found anyone to fill that role.
I do have a question for Gary about ‘Seat of the Soul’. I noted that the writing was presented as given facts versus ‘beliefs’ or ‘theories’. I would like to know how ‘you’ KNOW these things, Gary.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, and many more. Now that I’ve found your website, I’ll check it from time to time.

Hazel Kitts

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