Dear Linda,

Thank you for creating the opportunity to share in the celebrations for Gary. He has been of tremendous influence to me via his consciousness-raising words. I am grateful for his delivery of truth and wisdom, particularly in “Spiritual Partnerships.” It seems that you and he have truly captured the essence of this, and it’s beautiful to witness. In essence, I suppose today is a celebration of life for both of you. Felicidades!

I wrote Gary a few months ago, out of the blue, seeking a lead for a novel I had written. I reached out to him because I wrote the book’s last few pages after reading “Spiritual Partnerships,” and it had been quite influential in what I wanted to share with the world. Despite not knowing me at all, but simply the context of the book that I had shared with him via email, he followed up with a few agents to contact. It meant the world to me, and I am grateful for this efforts. He inspired me to keep sharing my own work with the world, which I will do. The greatest lesson I learned from his book was that a spiritual partnership is truly about growth–not about looking at the negative or positive in life, a situation, a person…but about seeing the silver lining as it leads to growth.

Thank you and happy birthday to Gary!

Julie Hand

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