Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday! May your birthday be filled with love and appreciation for your own special Life.

As I think back to all the experiences we’ve shared over the years (the ones when we were physically together and those when we were energetically together), I feel blessed by all the opportunities knowing you and reading your words have brought to me. The learning has not always been easy; but in retrospect, I understand that at its most difficult, it couldn’t hold a candle to the pain of living in fear for so many years.

Often I pull out “Seat of the Soul” when I’m unclear of my intention, and it supports me in finding my most loving intention in the moment. The intention is always mine to choose; you taught me that. As I sit here writing to you for your birthday, what I’m most grateful for is the love and appreciation for my own special Life. Your Life supported me in rediscovering my healthiest Life. Thank you for that!


PS: Thanks Linda for this opportunity to say thanks not only to Gary but also to you.

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