Dear Gary,

I cannot express the love I feel for you and the blessing you have been in my life. Many years ago, at the beginning of my spiritual path I read “The Seat of the Soul.” I enjoyed the book very much but I wasn’t ready for it, so to speak. To tell you the truth, dark times were ahead for me and when I was in the thick of it, I wasn’t ready for much of anything. Despite the hard times, I continued reading countless books, immersing myself in workshops, trying to find a way – answers – a lifeline – anything. A couple of years ago, I started to understand more. Maybe it was maturity, maybe my stubborn ways were not working for me – maybe I realized that the person I should be looking at was myself and not others. And yes I understood that. I discovered Byron Katie and “the Work” and yes I understood. BUT THEN I read “Spiritual Partnerships”, my now beloved, worn, tattered copy of this wonderful book and I got it. I heard what you were trying to say and my thirst was unquenchable. I searched for more and I found more explanations, saw Linda and your videos on YouTube, your interviews on Oprah. I have read everything I could since then and I am truly grateful for your presence in my life. You are a light – your honesty about the person you were before – I see myself in your stories. I strive to be as honest as you are first with myself, and then with others.

Thank you for looking inwards so we could follow in your path



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