Gail T.

Joyful Birthday Gary!

Dear Gary,

I first “met” you on Oprah in the late 90’s. As I intently listened to what you were sharing with Oprah, I wanted to understand on a deeper level what you meant by, “challenging your fear”….What did that mean exactly? Since that time, I’ve read all of your books and the one that remains dearest to my heart and continues to rock my world is, “The Seat of the Soul”.

Thank you for challenging your fears so that you could share with me and the world what you have learned and experienced about creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships. I am not the same person I was when I first met you. Today, I am a more loving person and I have tools to support me in distinguishing between Love and fear….and I do my best to choose Love. Today, I have choices…I am not a victim.

It is an honor to be with you in the Earth School at this time…you are my teacher and spiriutal partner. Joyful, Joy-filled Birthday Gary!

With Gratitude,
Gail T.

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