To Gary Zukav–

The author of a book that has entered my life at a young age, and boggled my mind and soul completely. I first learned of your book from my mother, and was amazed from then on the power of your words and its impact on my life… It transformed my mind, my soul, my perception, and the illusion I was living in up until that point after picking up your book.

It is ironic to me that I had been thinking about your book and its lessons that impacted me so deeply, talking about it to my new roommates, and someone termed “Seat of the Soul,” or Seed, either or, it made me think of your book and legacy in their conscious hip-hop lyrics a week ago ….too coincidental that it happens to be your birthday today and I stumbled across Oprah’s page on facebook…

I wish that your day of celebrating the life you are was/is harmonious and magnificent. I hope that you receive countless episodes where your soul uplifts you to the highest point it possibly can and that you are shed with as much light as you have shed on my life, my mindset, and my soul.

I recently picked your book back up again before moving to Boulder, Colorado, and was amazed at its power, and the change your words bring about with one simple sentence, to my entire mindset. Such simple shifts create wondrous lifts. I am realizing. I am. Thank you for designing my plan. Allowing me to have the upper-hand, in realizing that I am just a strand of hair on this life that is continuous, expansive, flowing, ever-knowing, energetic, air. That is transformation in its highest. I am grateful for you sparking this changing mind-set, therefore changing my entire life. A mindset IS the biggest thing. IS my life. IS my world. My entire world and perception of life and the world. Your words have helped me again recently re-affirm that I AM where I am meant to be, and higher workings are there for me all along the way, KNOWING that I am where it is in my highest will, that when I ask for help/guidance.. it ALREADY IS. Because I KNOW it is.

So many thanks.
So many blessings.
Happiest of happy births onto this earth.
You have created such a changing thread within my life that is Kristen, you don’t even know the repercussions, the expansiveness, the life ignited.

Love, and gratefulness,
Kristen Lucero

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