by Sharon R C Petersen

Birdsong in paradise boasts beauty abound
Our Being. Sensitive to hidden rhapsody
A shimmering shrine of wondrous loving
Doth continue shining long after birdsong ceases;
Long after glowing strands of thoughtful trail…

Gazing at starlight glistening, volumes of
Serenity beholden. Within, light, without, dark
Withstanding raptured emptiness divine
Curtesy of encompassing unstructured awe,
Forever benevolent, soul inspiring.

Open minds utterly succinct, searching far
Abandon thoughts of useless clarity – worthless
Endeavour. Finding, with trepidation
Nonetheless, an honour of highest quality;
Unceasing worthiness beyond meaning.

Understanding now and openly feeling
Sunshine rays eminating from inside unseen.
Oh! At last realisation is dawning,
Blossoming, budding, blooming, exploding,
Silently creeping into awareness;
From within all along.

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