Dear Gary and Linda,

This is late, but, nevertheless heartfelt. I had a medical emergency around the time of your birthday, Gary, and have been recovering since that time… but, I’d like to take time now to add my appreciation for your being.

When you met Jack, so many years ago, I called you his Guardian Angel, because of the timing and impact of your presence and friendship in his life. You helped him through one of the most painful and challenging times in his life in ways that no one else had been able to just by being who you are living your truth. You were an inspiration and role model for him in the deepest sense. I felt the fundamental shifts that were going on inside of him and it drew me towards him at a time that I believed our marriage was over. It was by no means a smooth path, but, he knew he had a limited amount of time to mend fences and honor relationships that were important to him. I watched him make heroic efforts towards that purpose. I watched his heart open and I watched his essence come forward in ways that had never been before. He met you after his open heart surgery and he lived 10 years after that event. The first five were very painful and rocky for him, for both of us. The last five years were a celebration of our relationship and we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary one year before he unexpectedly passed while at his beloved beach house. I felt he had completed what he came here to do. I felt I completed what I came here to do with him. I felt we completed what we came here to do together. There was such amazing peace in the midst of grief and shock. I wanted you to know how important you were to him, to both of us!

I sensed that after your appearances on Oprah, this somehow intimidated him, and I felt him withdraw from your precious friendship. I was saddened by this, but, perhaps that was another chapter he wasn’t prepared to live. Or perhaps the riches you had given him were enough for him to live with… regardless… I know that he loved you deeply and I can never express the breadth of gratitude I feel for you and Linda and the living demonstration you contribute to the world. Happy Belated Birthday and Thank You for your generous and beautiful spirits!

Love, Una Nakamura

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