Paris – What Can I Do?

The first thing you can do is look inside yourself. Look at the emotions you feel. Were you shocked, overwhelmed, angered, righteous, grieved, humiliated, or despondent when you heard the news? Did you feel superior to the suicide bombers? Did you judge them contemptible? Did you want to go to war with them? Are you already at war with them in your mind? Did you want to eliminate them so that you can be safe again at home with your beliefs and those who share them?

We all have experiences such as these, even if we think that could not be possible. The more you explore your personality with courage and integrity, the more of them you will discover. These parts of your personality originate in fear, in the pain of powerlessness that they can not be safe and feel valuable until everyone sees the world as they see it. They are rigid, closed, and disdainful. They exclude. In Paris, they killed.

Every personality also has experiences gratitude, appreciation, patience, and caring also. These parts of your personality originate in love. They are open, accepting, flexible, and appreciative. They include.

When you experience all the parts of your personality, you give yourself the ability to choose among them – to change the parts of yourself that disdain and would kill or to act on them. The people who killed in Paris chose to act on them. They did not change the world. They contributed more to the world of what the world is already built on – fear. They worshiped at the alter of power as ability to manipulate and control, to detonate the bomb, pull the trigger. Everyone who wants to change others, impose a belief, and inflict harm worships at the same alter whether in the name of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or science.

Now the choice is ours. We can disdain and kill, or we can create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. We can contribute a new power (authentic power) to a new world, power as alignment of the personality with the soul.

We cannot make this choice if we do not realize that we have it. That is why looking inside yourself is the first thing you can do when you read about the attacks in Paris or you think about them. These deeds, and all deeds like them, are reminders to us that we have a choice.


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  1. happykamp says:

    Gary is always right, because massive amounts of deep thought is his energy system. We can even take his forgiveness ideas to the next level. What would happen if Western nations and our technology moved above the condemnation energy, and rebuilt the devastated sections of the Middle East a modern world of solar power, modern hospitals, and modern education? You know, the things we have here in America that they do not have. What kind of positive energy would filter through the region and the world? How many humans would enjoy an overseas work program, so they may have a job and provide food for their families? Why must money always stop us from the correct building programs for the world? Couldn’t central banking fractionalize money to create a world build of compassion, just like they fractionalized money into war products? Of course that would mean they would have to disconnect money from Earth’s resources, and is that a bad thing? Or perhaps, we take our current destructive money that we build bombs with and turn that waste of effort into a compassionate building economy. Is any GNP really lost? The G8 can convince the G20 that we have a new way of building our civilization. Karl Gary.(author of The Compassionate World)

  2. happykamp says:

    I think your readers would enjoy my book The Compassionate World by Karl Gary. It directly addresses the loving way we should treat terrorism. It also explains every social change necessary that will allow our humans Souls to bring heaven down to Earth, and the mechanics behind the process. It’s a divinely inspired guideline of how our humans souls have already built the new world approaching mankind. We just need to bring it down now, and the book shows us how. Best Wishes Always! Karl Gary (on Amazon)

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