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From the Heart…

Enjoy these gifts from Gary Zukav and Linda Francis, discover your authentic power, create spiritual partnership, and manifest a life of Love.


Romantic Relationship and Spiritual Partnership


Our Spiritual Partnership – Gary and Linda (AUDIO)


Creating Intimacy and Authentic Power


Being the One


Spiritual Partnership Guidelines (PDF)

Click here to download the guidelines

These guidelines are the foundation to creating both authentic power and spiritual partnerships: commitment, courage, compassion and conscious communications.

For practical ways to apply these guidelines to your life, read Spiritual Partnership


The Seat of the Soul Study Guide Extension (Click Image Below)



If you are interested in learning more about how to create authentic power and spiritual partnerships, the Awakening to Authentic Power e-Course offers step by step guidance to applying concepts to your daily life. Cultivate emotional awareness, discern your intentions and choose your experiences consciously. Learn how to align your personality with your soul in every interaction and situation. For a limited time the eCourse is on sale, use coupon code “begin99”. Awakening to Authentic Power e-Course.

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