Now and Forever the Deepest Cause

Blaming right wing politicians and commentators for the Arizona massacre, even those that are righteously brutal, cruel, and inciting to violence, deflects attention from its real cause. Blaming anyone always deflects attention from the real cause.

Like our dysfunctioning economy, schools, health care, and businesses, the killing and maiming in Arizona has a deeper and more difficult cause to address than a mentally disturbed boy-man and vicious TV analysts. They are our proxy actors. What we feel fuels them, as it fueled the young men who flew airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

The war on terror is a temporary solution for a problem that is not temporary and cannot be solved by previous means. The deepest cause cannot be eliminated by legislation, force of arms, or moral persuasion because it is within us.

A new understanding of power is replacing the understanding that underlies our social structures, such as education, health care, business, and economic and permeates our interpersonal structures. The old power now produces only violence and destruction.

We alone can create the new power. The change begins inside or it does not begin. And each of us must make the change in ourselves or we will continue to contribute violence to the human experience.

The old understanding is power as the ability to manipulate and control. The new understanding is power as the alignment of your personality with the highest part of yourself that you can reach for the part that intends harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. It is not alignment of the highest part of ourselves that we can reach for, but the highest part of YOURself.

Creating authentic power is intensely personal, entirely voluntarily, and necessary for our evolution.

Our means of evolving has changed. Our awareness is expanding.

Our responsibility for the violence in our world is becoming clear. Only we can remove it, and only in ourselves.

What will your choice be?

Gary Zukav

6 comments on “Now and Forever the Deepest Cause”

  1. Pauline Masters says:

    I think maybe it us useful to recognize that we are all at different places of our Personal growth and journey. It is about understanding that not everyone has the ability at this time to process emotions and actions in anything than a 5 sensory way. They are just doing what they are used to doing. Time knowledge and personal growth will eventually bring about changes for them, when they look for look for a better way to see more clearly, and begin to ask different questions.
    Pauline Masters

  2. Asoral says:

    Instead of “blaming” others for the events unfolding around us, why not focus on our own response to those events? Certainly in a representative democracy it is important to let our politicians know our wishes. However, we can accomplish this without scolding them or attempting to control their every word. Each soul is responsible for his or her own words and actions. If hearing the words of other souls, or witnessing their actions, makes us angry, bitter, upset, confused etc., then WE need to ask ourselves what inside of US needs to be addressed.

  3. william b says:

    But isn’t it important to let politicians know that we are not okay with inflammatory rhetoric? Aren’t they choosing to support the damaged, angry parts of people’s personalities by waging political war and saying they will not cooperate on some issues? Media figures who go so far as to create bizarre accusations, describing doomsday scenarios on talk radio, and so forth, rally people with these negative actions. I agree that the cause of all this isn’t one person, or one political party, but to put it into scientific terms: It’s like putting a hand on a hot stove. It is cause and effect. The thought process that led me to put my hand on the stove may be the cause, but in the moment I am burned, it becomes important to remove my hand. The immediate danger creates the need to respond to the physical reality, even though the cause was in a thought process that began earlier.

  4. Catherine Perry says:

    This rings so true. My own involvement in our collective violence became clearer to me when I learned that Christina Taylor Green, the little girl who was killed in Tucson, was born on 9/11. Her life span between two horrific events somehow brought forth how destructive impulses are active in our own midst, not just “out there,” among other people bent on hurting “us” because they are “evil.” In my eyes, Christina Taylor Green stands as a powerful reminder of the need for love everywhere. May her message be heard!

  5. Anton says:

    I totally agree Gary, I think that love is the answer, but I think that so many people are either unaware or forget that it is thier choice to remove violence in themselves. I am grateful that you carry this message, thanks Anton.

  6. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this timely reminder. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative. I try to remember that this troubled young man was a soul with a purpose too.

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