Signal and Noise

The signal-to-noise ratio tells us how clearly we receive information. Little noise and mostly signal is good. Satellite, cell phone, and TV reception are clear. Static, cross-talk, and other signals are bad. The signal is blocked.

Anger, jealousy, superiority, entitlement, inferiority, need to please, obsessive thoughts (She’s so stupid; I’m so stupid), compulsive activities (workaholism; perfectionism), and addictive behaviors (smoking; pornography; overeating) are noise.

Love is the signal.

The only way to receive the signal is to eliminate the noise and fear. The spiritual signal-to-noise ratio is the love-to-fear ratio in your life. Only you can improve it. If you want to hear the signal better, reduce the noise. If you want to experience your love, challenge your fear.

That is creating authentic power. When you create authentic power, your signal-to-noise ratio improves.

When you become authentically powerful, your signal is loud and clear twenty-four seven.

Gary Zukav

3 comments on “Signal and Noise”

  1. william b says:

    I like this description. We know what transmissions are like. Cell phones cut out on people all the time. TV signals would be fuzzy or full of static in the days before cable.
    But for people, the interference isn’t in the atmosphere or the satellite receiver, it is in our unconscious intentions. We can “boost” our reception by being more conscious of our emotions and choices.

  2. cmarshall says:

    Thank you Gary for this conversation. I am beginning to see how wanting approval is “noise” in my life. When I don’t get approval, I feel pain in my chest and have thoughts (head noise) that want to justify and defend myself, or please the person whose approval I seek. This noise/thoughts distract me from going inward, looking at my intentions, exploring whether I am coming from love or fear.

    With gratitude …

    1. namaste says:

      I like you also seek approval from others. Lately I started to challenge that fear. I asked myself this question. Can this person approve of me 100% of the time? Right away I met with resistance. The one time he/she does not approve, my pain will start all over again so I started to look for other ways to challenge this fear. For example at work I used to compete with others on how better I was at doing a particular task. I gave that up and replaced it with ” I want to do this task the best that I can to the best of my ability” I realized quickly that my ability changed from day to day. so some days it was good and other days it was not so good. I started to accept myself as I was. Vulnerable, always changing but with the intention to do my best. I found more peace there than in praises from others. Of course as soon as I started doing this the praises started to come but I reminded myself each time that praises are like candy in your mouth. At some point the sweetness is gone and you are left with your mouth empty. I nurture my mouth more with love and acceptance so that it can taste sweet with it with or without candy.

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