Occupy Wall Street – A Thousand Thanks

A thousand thanks to the people in Liberty Plaza and places like it who are giving voice to much that is destructive and painful about our social structures and what lies beyond them. Your presence and courage and commitment are water to the great tree of awareness and freedom that will grow if it is tended carefully. Fortunately, each of us is responsible for tending it. Freedom from fear is the only freedom that now unlocks the prisons of hatred, violence, prejudice, and greed. The kindness of some police officers in NYC is on display to the world and so is the brutality of others. The greed of banks that engorge themselves on the losses of millions of people are on display around the world, and so also are the alternative social structures that will replace them. A thousand thanks are not enough for the glimpses of these emerging structures you are giving us.

You are showing us new forms of cocreation that are built on harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life and contrasting them with old forms that are built on manipulation and control. These new social structures are taking root in Liberty Plaza and places like it and in millions of us as we watch and hold the vision of a new world, a world without victims and without villains, a world where heinous policies are relentlessly uprooted and destroyed and where the people who create and execute them are not hated but constrained appropriately (think of handcuffs and bars). In short, a world of love, growing out of awareness and responsibility, consciously constructed with intentions of love, a world with the courage to experience fear fully such as anger, vengefulness, and righteousness challenge it by not acting on it, and cultivate love instead.

This new world will emerge strong and healthy from the decay of the old world not because the dying world is supported by a wealthy few while billions of us are eager for the new world. It will replace the old world because billions of us will tend the tree daily, even in difficult times, challenging hatred, anger, greed, and revenge in ourselves by choosing awareness and love instead. In short, the new world will grow strong and healthy while the old world dies because the old world is based on fear and the new world is built on love, clear, conscious, responsible, courageous, and capable.

With Love,

Gary Zukav

4 comments on “Occupy Wall Street – A Thousand Thanks”

  1. truthtalker says:

    In my hometown of Quartzsite, Arizona we are dealing with a group of people who pose as protesters as a forum for being cruel and exploiting others. I know that most of the people protesting against Wall Street are one-pointed in their intentions, and what makes protest challenging is that some people are looking for a place and a time to be mean…we in Quartzsite are very challenged by a small segment who seek a hostile take-over in the guise of being activists. There is a big difference between an activist and an agitator.

  2. Siza Qwabe says:

    Gary, I came across your work, the first book I read was the Seat of The Soul. it touched my soul in ways I can never explain. It gave answers to questions that have been gnoring my mind for a number of years. I just finished Spiritual Partnership, it could not have been more timely, 2 months prior I had formed a book club(10 ladies). It turned out that all ladies that joined were, individually, on a process of discovering themselves to be much more than what the families, employer, church etc thought they were. and the book affirmed our attraction and the need for us to form this club, it is where we get to be ourselves. We share the wonders of this life and marvel, as you say; at the discovery that miracles are so much part of our daily life, and that they happen every day if only we allow ourselves to be conscious enough.
    Thanks for this wealth of knowledge.

  3. Marco says:

    This was a thoughtful piece and I love Gary’s perspective on current events. To me, it is the loving aspects of this movement that are exciting and offer promise.

    Neither fighting the banks nor having outrage about this challenging situation attracts me (and some of the people in my life) anymore. I get really excited about changing in my own life those things that really bug me about the world. Doing that with others is now really meaningful to me, and I find it’s becoming more common in my life.

    I am careful not to hold this non-violent movement up as a clear example of the new human culture, but certainly some participating in it are on the right path (non-violence physically, And in their hearts) and that will lead to more positive effects for them in their own lives, rippling through the Universe. That is the genesis of our future. Thank you to them and to Gary.


  4. Tom says:

    As I read this I have a great deal of empathy with the protesters and share their outrage and some of their idealism; however, I also sense my inner programming from my father coming through who would certainly have cautioned that these protests are “instigated by Communists” — and he knew what he was talking about because he defected from Prague in 1949… At the same time, my own inner work makes be extremely hopeful that the new paradigms and social and economic structures that you have described so well can take hold and begin to unfold to help heal our country and planet.

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