What you share is not as important as why you share it. For example, sharing with the intention to impress people with your generosity, intelligence, or good nature is not the same as sharing with the intention to support another with no strings attached, or sharing because sharing with love is healing and natural to us, or consciously sharing with love your presence with others. Your intention for sharing determines the consequences of your sharing and your experiences of sharing.

Clarity allows you to identify your intentions, distinguish among them, and to understand their effects. When you share to change someone so that you will feel better about yourself or safe, you strive to manipulate and control. You pursue external power. This creates painful and destructive consequences. When you share to contribute to Life without thought of self-benefit, or share from your heart without second agendas that benefit you first and others second, or share the compassion, wisdom, and love that you were born to share, your frequency increases, you shine brighter, and your choices contribute constructively to the collective consciousness.

You are a micro of a macro. Your soul is a micro of the soul of humankind. This is sometimes called the collective unconscious of humanity, but it is not that. It is the soul of humanity. You cannot change the macro without first changing the micro. You cannot diminish exploitation in the macro while that same energy exists in you. As you change the micro, you simultaneously change the macro of which you are part and to which you are intimately bound. You create the world that you want to see, choice by choice, with the force of your own will applied in the only way that can produce permanent and constructive results – to the conscious and constructive transformation of yourself.

This is the creation of authentic power. The transformation that you create in yourself simultaneously contributes to the transformation of humanity. Clarity enables you to make and understand these transformations in yourself and to contribute them to the world. Ultimately, these are the contributions you were born to make.


  • Published: April 23, 2013
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5 comments on “CLARITY AND SHARING”

  1. mys natty says:

    I feel the truth in the clarity of intention, and the consequence of the subsequent
    Vibration. What I have struggled with is the knowing that indeed I am a microcosm of a mind boggling macrocosom as this sometimes disturbs and frustrates me. When I place my attention on the parts which trigger fear and pain or confound me in their unfairness. It is my daily practice to be at peace with the intentions of others and allow myself to experience and enjoy the diversity wonder and free will for creation that is the macro. With light love and laughter

  2. Jan says:

    I just love you two!!! I always feel less crazy when I read the things you share. Thank-you.

  3. Opensoul says:

    I appreciate how Gary shares his gift of clarity with us and then Linda shares with us an example through a story to help us better understand how it works. My life is back on the right track thanks to both of you and your gift of sharing.

  4. Astral11 says:

    Love this post, Gary!
    It is so true that the intention with which we extend our thoughts is what can create a Heaven or a Hell on this earth.
    Clarity is key . . . discernment and the ability to be a clear filter for Source is what is needed in the Now, to infuse the collective with an energetic vibration that nurtures and heals. We are, inherently, Love in Action . . . when we act in alignment with Love we are manifesting our purpose and fulfilling our deepest desire.
    This clarity and its accompanying discernment cannot be found through external sources. The inner wellspring of inspiration, of silence and peace is also, for me, the playground of the imagination where I access Source and co-create in alignment with Source.
    There are so many ways of viewing it . . .Source, Love, the Flow, the Tao . . . and so many magnificent teachers that have come to earth to shine their light into the darkness. And what they share is the knowledge that their light is part of the magnificence that is All. We are all called to be lights to each other.
    You are once such teacher. For your gift to me this day, I am eternally grateful . . .

  5. papi-cinco says:

    This article came at the exact time that I needed it. Gary, it is like you are in my mind. I think that it is the rest of the worlds fault and if only “They” would change, act more kindly, be more patient,ect. When in reality, me the micro needs to make the change. I come from a place of constant second agendas and my intention is about myself and meeting my own needs-then when the negative consequences happen, I sit in pitty because I am some how the victim. Through prayer and meditation, I must sit with “what is my intention”. I must begin to live my life with the intention of love and not fear. I guess I feel a little stuck on how I get clarity in the time of fire but to not get to the point of fire is the goal. Thank you!

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