Love is so big, so inclusive, so encompassing that no definition can contain it. Love is not only the love with a little “L”, such as the love of a parent for a child or a child for a parent. It is not the only the love of illusory fantasy, such as romantic love or love for a great heroine or hero. It is not only the Universal love, sometimes called Agape. It is larger even than that. When the great Sequoia, aging for centuries, finally falls, thundering downward until it comes to rest in the embrace of the Earth, that is love, also. The incoming and outgoing tides caress sand and rocks ceaselessly, relentlessly. That is love, too. When the cannons roar, bodies explode, and limbs scatter across grassy fields or littered streets made morbid with blood, can that be love? Can the cruelty of the bully, the deceitfulness of the coward, the majesty of the courageous, and the humbleness of the wise be love as well? How can we dare speak of them in the same sentence, especially when “love” is part of the sentence?

Love is a perception, but it is a holy perception, a sacred perception, a perception that excludes nothing and includes everything. It is the love of the bee for the flower, the mountain for the valley and the valley for the mountain. It is the love of the bird for the air and the air for the bird. It is the boiling, roiling, tumultuous collision of emotions within us, between us, and among us. It is the song of the wind and the whistle of an incoming artillery round. It is the stars and the soil, the light and the dark, it is the antelope eating the grass and the lion devouring the antelope. It is the dance of life and death, inseparably united within the illusion of time and space, matter and duality.

The fire destroys the forest and new life rises. The corpse goes into the ground, the waves, or the fire, but the soul remains. All this, also, is love. Victory and defeat, success and failure, insight and confusion are love. Nothing we see or cannot see, long for or push away, celebrate or regret is not love. Everything and its opposite is love. When you see this, you step into love.

Your life – all of your experiences – becomes an uninterrupted flow of opportunities to expand into love instead of contract into fear. You see the power of your choices and the extent of your responsibility for what they create. You see that when you create with brutality, the experience of brutality comes to you or another of your soul’s personalities. You see that when you create with love, the experience of love comes to you or another of your soul’s personalities. Eventually, you learn to create with love no matter what circumstances you are in. You see your circumstances differently, too. You see that all of them beckon you to Love, to fall into Love, to allow Love.

When you cannot feel the call, when you fight the fall, when you refuse to allow, you are experiencing fear. The experience of fear, also, is an experience of Love. Eventually you will come to realize that Love is all there is. Why not open to Love now? Why not begin the process now? Why not step into your life consciously and responsibly? There is no other way to Love.


  • Published: June 19, 2013
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3 comments on “LOVE – THE HOLY PERCEPTION”

  1. Col Vishwas Asolkar says:

    I have rejoiced reading your article. So nourishing it is to feel the string of love while I am taking a tour of your thoughtful letter on ‘love’. I would like to add on to the aspects of words ‘consciously’ and ‘responsibly’ here. the sense of consciousness and responsibility arises from the concern. Concern for developing a conscience to cosmic consciousness and concern for evolution of the self as an individual, as an organisation, as a society and as an expanded part of the cosmos itself. Love is not bound to remain a physical entity but it is a cosmic and supra cosmic reality which makes whole of the cosmos evolve. It is possible to get to the stage of love with direct and one to one cosmic correspondence which invites invoking a discipline of love itself. Hatred, jealousy, vengeance and other ailments that we find in the environment are nothing but negative side of the scale of love which can be negotiated by expanding love to the supra conscious state of the soul of self, mind, society and humanity as a whole by taking the synergy of the cosmic state.

    Yet the concern will invoke responsibility and conscious to expand the coasmic consciousness to create a New Modernity which we all will admire with the perception of love.

    I must admire your concern which is full of love and cosmic extension, that I was able to express my gratitude for your wonderful work. Thanks for the blog and do keep in touch.

  2. AmazonSoul says:

    Love is the answer! It really is all that matters in life! Gary hit the nail straight on the head on this subject; my children taught me this years ago.

    As corny as those statements are life has shown me how meaning-filled they are. I have always lived for love, fought for it, reached out to someone I couldn’t stand with it (got my head bit off or they demonstrated absolute bewilderment). I’ve had children conceived in rape yet they were perfect – the very epitome of love not one iota of brought them to me. How could I do anything but love them!

    I was born knowing my own nature and I will forever cherish it even when the going gets hard because in the end love itself isn’t the hard part it is my willingness to learn or fear that becomes my stumbling block or removes them. Peace means facing those inner sad or frightened depths then loving that part in every piece of its space, letting it fill up with the power of transformative energy.

    This is the simplest secret to life there is, perhaps also the most frequently missed concept as well. By far this is also the most important lesson to learn.

  3. jackieb says:

    I greatly appreciate your offering on the topic of Love, The Holy Perception. I must admit that I do not understand it fully. I do understand that all has come from love, so all must be love. However, something has happened between ‘coming from love’ and the choices some personalities make. I cannot comprehend how things like genocide, child sex slavery, concentration camps, etc. are love.

    Sometimes it is said that all emotion boils down to love or fear and sometimes it is said, everything is love. There are too many things that do not seem like love at all to me.

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