Commitment is a stretch when you commit to something new, something constructive and healthy, and stick to it, such as commitment to your integrity. How do you stay in integrity without being insensitive? How can you be sensitive to others and stay in it?

There are degrees of commitment, and each new degree is a stretch. It is as though we are individuals who are practicing yoga. As we stretch we become more limber, but we are always at the edge of what we can do. Individuals who come into the Authentic Power Learning Community may think that they are committed to creating authentic power and feel that they are committed, and yet as they begin to experience the depth of the transformation that occurs within themselves as they develop emotional awareness and apply responsible choice, they discover that they are indeed required to commit yet again.

Having a child is a commitment, and as the child grows, parents begin to understand in more fullness the demands of parenthood, and as they do, their commitment deepens or they fall into despair. As the child grows into adulthood, the commitment of the parents must deepen yet again to provide the love and wisdom they want to share in ways they are at the same time learning and learning how to share.

It is the same with creating authentic power. The more you enter your life consciously, the more challenges and opportunities appear in equal measure. The more difficulties and tumultuous emotions you experience consciously and challenge, the more potential for freedom from fear and the spaciousness of joy appear. The more you stretch yourself, the more you gain. And you gain nothing when you do not stretch yourself. Creating authentic power is stretching yourself in every way that counts.


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