Your words and your message have completely changed me and in turn changed my life. I can remember as a young adult praying for a deeper understanding of spirituality. I had this feeling that there was more to it.

My prayer was answered, although I didn’t know it yet, on the day I saw you on Oprah for the very first time. I very rarely watched Oprah, so for me to be watching Oprah on that day was unusual. I can remember being in my parents living room, sitting on their sofa and being glued to the tv listening to your message.

Very shortly after I saw you on Oprah, I purchased the Seat of the Soul. I read it and read it and read it, I’m sure I’ve read it 20 times and each time I read it I learn something new. For some reason tears stream down my face when I read it. It is what I had been searching for all my youth, being raised in a Catholic home. It resonated with me so deeply and it still does.

I have also read numerous times the wonderful books that followed it, including the ones you wrote with Linda Francis.

Gary I love you with all of my heart! You are an extremely special person who has been given such special gifts to share in the Earth School. You are a blessing.

Linda I love you too! You are also an absolutely amazing person and are a very special blessing.

Thank you both of you for all you’ve given me, but more importantly what you’ve given to countless generations.

Love Amanda Otiso