This mini-website will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
you are home.

—Gary Zukav

Here Is What We Discussed about Creating Authentic Power

  • Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul.
  • Authentic power is the experience of meaning, joy, contentment, and creativity. You are engaged and engaging, fully in the present moment, and grateful.
  • When you challenge parts of yourself that are angry, jealous, frightened, etc. when they are active (by not acting on them), they begin to lose their control over you.
  • When you cultivate parts of yourself that are grateful, patient, caring, etc. when they are active (by acting on them), they begin to fill your experience.
  • Creating authentic power is distinguishing in yourself the difference between love and fear and choosing love no matter what is happening inside you (what emotions you are feeling) and what is happening outside of you.
  • The tools of creating authentic power are emotional awareness, responsible choice, and intuition.
  • They allow you to use every circumstance as an opportunity to grow spiritually.
  • You create authentic power step by step, choice by choice.
  • Creating authentic power enables you to give the gifts you were born to give.
  • Creating authentic power is spiritual growth.