Thank You for purchasing Awakening to Spiritual Partnership!

Thank you for purchasing Awakening to Spiritual Partnership!

Your adventure is just beginning…

Our commitment is to make your practice of Spiritual Partnership exciting, engaging, and accessible day-to-day. We are in extraordinary times and it will take all of us, practicing Spiritual Partnership and Authentic Power, to realize our full potential as Universal Humans.

As an added bonus for being one of the first people to venture down this path, we offer you this special gift…the story of creating our spiritual partnership—how we came together. Listen now: [audio:]

Or, use this link to download the mp3 file so you can play it later: Our Spiritual Partnership: Gary and Linda Share Their Story

Awakening to Spiritual Partnership shows you how to create relationships of substance and depth, of meaning and purpose—that we call spiritual partnerships.

Gary Zukav

Our eCourse Awakening to Spiritual Partnership brings to life all of the ideas in Gary’s new book Spiritual Partnership. Together, they are empowering complimentary tools that will effectively support you in creating relationships and a Life of meaning.

If you have not yet purchased the book Spiritual Partnership, you can use one of the online options below. We trust that you will, if you have ordered our Pre-Launch Book/eCourse Bundle for $86.

If you use one of these links to purchase your book online, the Seat of the Soul Institute will receive part of the proceeds, which we will apply towards helping more people create authentic power.

To begin the next leg of your SoulLearning journey, click here to start Chapter Two.

 Spiritual Partners Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Experience, Experiment, and Evolve…

We are here to share this evolutionary journey and we are excited to share our new SoulLearning eCourse, Awakening to Spiritual Partnership with you! We look forward to our online adventures and exploration together. With continued love and appreciation,

Gary and Linda

“The longest journey you will make is from your head to your heart. We are all on this journey.” — Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

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