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Creating Authentic Power and Spiritual Partnerships

Gary Zukav on the Oprah Winfrey Show

The new GARY – OPRAH CONVERSATIONS will speak to your SOUL…
Oprah has invited Gary back for their most intimate radio conversation on authentic power and spiritual partnership yet. Join Gary and Oprah:

Monday, October 11

8:00 am and 1:00 pm PDT

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

There is a free 7-day trial for Sirius Internet Radio. For more info, go to Oprah Radio on Sirius.

Our Special Gifts for You
We are committed to supporting you in accelerating your spiritual growth. We have three special gifts for you. We hope that you will find these tools helpful in creating spiritual partnerships with many people, not only your intimate partner.

â–º Spiritual Partnership Guidelines PDF

Spiritual Partnership GuidelinesThe Spiritual Partnership Guidelines show you how to create authentic power and spiritual partnerships any time, any place, and with anyone. Use these Guidelines everywhere—at home, with family, with friends, with adversaries, at work, and at play.

â–º The Vocabulary of Authentic Power PDF

Authentic Power VocabularyLearn the empowering vocabulary and concepts of Authentic Power. Use your every day, moment-by-moment experiences to align your personality with your soul.

 Spiritual Partners Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

â–º Our Spiritual Partnership: Gary and Linda Share Their Story

This is a special audio recording Gary and Linda made to share some of their experiences—both joyful and difficult—in creating authentic power in their spiritual partnership for over 17 years.
Listen now (12:45): [audio: http://seatofthesoul.com/holo-content/uploads/2010/10/Gary-Zukav-Linda-Francis-Share-Their-Spiritual-Partnership.mp3]

Or, use this link to download the mp3 file so you can play it later (PC users: Right-click on the link, Mac users: ctrl + click, and then choose Save as):
Our Spiritual Partnership: Gary and Linda Share Their Story

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