Authentic Power Tools for
Your Spiritual Transformation

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The Difference Between External and Authentic Power: The Game-Changing PDF

Authentic power is freedom from fear and awareness of your creative power as a soul. It is appreciation of the wisdom and compassion of the Universe.

Gary Zukav &
Linda Francis

What is the difference between Authentic Power and External Power?

What is the difference between Love and Fear?

This beautiful PDF lays out the fundamental principles for understanding and distinguishing the sources of your fear and the sources of your love, and the difference between external power and authentic power. A ready-to-use power tool for every day of your life! Download the PDF below:

Authentic Power vs External Power PDF

“The Benefits of Spiritual Partnership”
A Chapter from Gary Zukav’s Spiritual Partnership

As the eloquent author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, and multiple-time guest on Oprah, Gary Zukav has shared his work with millions. Read an advance chapter from his latest book Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power entitled “The Benefits of Spiritual Partnership.” In this chapter Gary shares with us the transformative power of creating relationships based on authentic power and shared commitment, relationships that nourish true soul growth. The results…are nothing less than evolutionary. Begin to receive the benefits today! Download below:

Spiritual Partnership Free Chapter: “The Benefits of Spiritual Partnership”

Introduction to Spiritual Partnership: An Audio Lesson with Gary Zukav

How can you use this new relationship dynamic—spiritual partnership—in your life?

In this audio lesson, Gary Zukav explains the fundamentals of spiritual partnership and its relationship to authentic power. By stepping into your life with consciousness, with others who are committed to spiritual growth, you will begin your journey to authentic power. Listen now:

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When you see clearly the relationship between the choices you’ve made and the circumstances around you, you will see the perfection of your circumstances. Then you will be able to change them.

—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Feel the Need and Choose Your Consequences: An Exercise in Conscious Choice

How can you make healthier choices?

In order to spiritually evolve, you need to create authentic power. To create authentic power, you need to become emotionally aware of your pain, your fears, and the consequences of your choices. Use this exercise to look inside yourself, so that you can choose the consequences that you truly want to create. Download below:

Feel the Need and Choose Your Consequences PDF