Pearls of Wisdom

Awakening to Spiritual Partnership

Chapter Six: Accessing My Intuition

Intuition is perception beyond the physical senses that is meant to assist you. It is that sensory system which operates without data from the five senses.

Intuition is the voice of the nonphysical world.

Allow your intuition to guide your timing. Take it inside, ask how you feel, and then move forward.

– Gary Zukav

Answers Through Intuition

No question is unheard, and no question goes unanswered. “Ask and you shall receive” is the rule, but you must learn how to ask and how to receive.

Every time you ask for guidance, you receive it. Every time you ask yourself, “What is my motivation?” you ask the Universe, “Help me to see,” and help comes.

Answers that come through your intuition may challenge what you would prefer to do. Your lower self, your personality, will not challenge, but rationalize.