Pearls of Wisdom

Awakening to Spiritual Partnership

Chapter Two: Moving from External Power to Authentic Power

The difference between authentic power and external power can be seen in the difference between Love and Fear.

External power doesn’t work anymore and authentic power is the only thing that does.

Frightened parts of your personality only pursue external power and loving parts of your personality only create authentic power. Which one to act on is your choice.

Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything and love is all there is.

– Gary Zukav

Authentic Power

Authentic power is joyful and wonderful!

Authentic power needs to be created by you.

Creating authentic power requires you to change yourself. To change yourself, you need to become aware of what you’re experiencing all of the time, including all of your emotions.

External Power

When you are not aware of what parts of your personality are active, you will create with fear. Those parts only want what they want, which is to manipulate and control others into liking, accepting, or admiring them; or being right.

The pursuit of external power is driven by pain, by a feeling of inadequacy, by an experience of being inadequate.

External power requires you to change the people around you.