Happy Birthday Gary Memory from Audra

Dear Gary,

I wish you a fabulous new decade! It is my pleasure to remember you as a neighbor and a friend.

Shortly after we moved to Mt. Shasta in 1992, my sister told me she had just read a book by someone who lived in Mt. Shasta, “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav she explained. “He’s my neighbor”, I told her. She was excited about that. She had read the book and wanted me to also, so that we could discuss the content and how it had helped her in her battle with breast cancer. We had many long discussions about the nature of Spirit, and we thank you for that ground work covered in your book. Some time later when she came to visit, she got to meet you briefly and was thrilled. When she died, she passed with a touch of enlightenment because of your writing and sharing that she had not been aware of before.

I have several other memories of how we have learned from each other through conversation. Your books have inspired my thinking, and meeting and talking with you on occasion reminded me that we all have authentic power, and that the way we express it is varied. In disagreement, there is much to learn when we feel safe to explore our differences.

You have contributed in a very meaningful way to my growth and learning in ‘the earth school’.

Happy Birthday, Gary!