The Awakening to Authentic Power Online Course

Discover how to develop Authentic Power and create Spiritual Partnerships in life

Our world is burdened by pain, but there is a way to access creativity and joy in life and move toward a different future. Awakening to Authentic Power provides you with the tools you need to transform your life’s challenging experiences into blissful opportunities.

In Gary Zukav’s new online course, Awakening to Authentic Power, the path to joy and meaning in our lives unfolds. Gary teaches us how to love more and control less, and create blissful experiences so that we can move past pain in our lives.

Through a step-by-step process, each lesson engages you in building the skills you need to become the joyful creator of your own life. Learn how to use your emotions, intentions, intuition, and everyday experiences to create authentic power.



Take part in Awakening to Authentic Power, a media-rich online course, and change your life today.

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If you truly want to make permanent, constructive changes in yourself… in your life, I highly recommend taking this eCourse.~ Gail ~ California

The Awakening to Authentic Power course is an extension of Gary’s book, The Seat of the Soul. It is a step-by-step interactive guide to creating Authentic Power and Spiritual Partnerships. Become grateful, appreciative, content, and patient as you develop meaningful relationships of substance and depth with Gary and Linda’s support.

As Gary teaches us, everyone has gifts to give. The Awakening to Authentic Power course shows you how to give the gifts you were born to give, so that you can experience joy and fulfillment in your life. It is possible to change and discover new possibilities in life, no matter where you are on your journey.


Exercises and Questions

The exercises, interactive questions, meditations, and animations are specially designed to help you integrate what you are learning and apply it to your life every day.

The Rooms in My Mansion

The Mansion of your personality has many rooms. It houses all your experiences, hopes, dreams, and fears. Let’s take a look inside.

Within the course when you mouse over the rooms of the mansion you will see some of the words that describe the frightened and loving parts of your personality.

You will be able to click on each window to see alternative words. Be honest with yourself and select the words which most describe your behavior in the past.

Authentic Power BodyScanner

To become emotionally aware, let’s get familiar with the Authentic Power BodyScanner.

There are seven energy processing centers in your body. They are situated at the base of your trunk; your genital, solar plexus, heart, throat, and forehead areas; and the crown of your head. In the following exercises, we will focus on three of them – your solar plexus, your chest, and your throat areas. In the full course you will be able to mouse over the BodyScanner and click on each energy center to change its state.

You can actually feel these energy processing centers.


Thought Provoking Questions

Each chapter of this course has a series of questions that challenge you to think and respond to situations that are common in our everyday lives.

The questions reflect the topics for the individual chapters allowing you to focus on each element individually as well as a whole.

As you go through the chapters and answer questions you can keep SoulLog Notes and revisit ideas and thoughts as you make your way through the course and begin creating Authentic Power.

Learn through interactive exercises, videos, animations, meditations and more…

The beauty of this course is I can repeat it again, to deepen my awareness and learn more about myself each time.~ Suza ~ New York City
  • Learn more about yourself and your choices through stimulating online exercises and visual interactive elements
  • Keep SoulLog Notes and keep track of your thoughts and ideas over time
  • Each chapter is full of thought-provoking video content
  • Gain access to the wisdom library and explore spiritual resources
  • Relax into guided meditations led by Gary that help you access your intuition and creativity


This first-of-a-kind media-rich eCourse will engage you in SEVEN life changing lessons:

1) Preparing for My Journey to Authentic Power

2) Moving from External Power to Authentic Power

3) Deepening Emotional Awareness

4) Becoming Aware of My Intentions

5) Making Responsible Choices

6) Accessing My Intuition

7) Living My Spiritual Partnerships Every Day

You have created simple steps to better understanding my emotions reactions and intentions. This is a wonderful tool to assist me in building a life full of deep meeaning and joy. I am going to share this with my family, friends and co-workers.~ Lori ~ Las Vegas

Gary and Linda talk with Oprah: Understanding Spiritual Partnerships in Your Life

Gary’s words, I believe are a gift. You can take it or leave it, but I believe them to be a gift, and I wanted to bring you more….~ Oprah

Oprah and Spiritual Partnership author Gary Zukav and his spiritual partner, Linda Francis, discuss Authentic Power and why friendships aren’t Spiritual Partnerships. Plus, find out why only Spiritual Partnerships can satisfy individuals who are creating Authentic Power, why spiritual partners stay together as long as they create Authentic Power together, how spiritual partners choose their own roles, and how they say the things they are most afraid will destroy their partnership.


What people are saying

This eCourse is supporting me in learning things about myself that I previously have been unaware of! The readings bring clarity to my process and the guided meditations assist me in absorbing what I am learning. If you truly want to make permanent, constructive changes in yourself… in your life. I highly recommend taking this eCourse.

~ Gail ~ California

This online course created by Gary and Linda is an absolute treasure. I found this course a powerful tool to support me in my spiritual growth. Having the ability to watch the videos of Gary and Linda teaching about creating authentic power and developing spiritual partnerships has helped me become more aware of my behavior. The beauty of this course is I can repeat it again, to deepen my awareness and learn more about myself each time.

~ Suza ~ New York City

I loved the course. It is so professionally done. I can’t say enough about it. After taking this course I felt I went to a deeper place within me. The interaction of Gary & Linda, the content, the meditation videos have supported me in understanding what work lays ahead. This brings a feeling of excitement about what I can learn about myself and how to go deeper. I am looking forward to return to Chapter 1 and start all over again.

~ Joanne ~ Massachusetts

Thank you so much for the wonderful eCourse on emotional awareness and Spiritual Partnerships. I appreciated the exercises that focus on how to become aware of my emotions. You have created simple steps to better understand joy. I am going to share this with my family, friends and co-workers.

~ Lori ~ Las Vegas

This course has the potential to support and change the lives of so many people, and that is exciting! The videos are clear, rich and contain so much wisdom. I felt excitement as I listened to the videos and looked forward to answering the thought provoking and heart evoking questions of substance. I also appreciated the openness and heartfelt energy from Gary and Linda as they shared their insights/ experiences. In one of the videos… Gary seemed so excited about what he was sharing… I thought he was going to come through the screen!

~ Hazel ~ California


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