Exercise 6

Developing Emotional Awareness with Scanning

Each day this week, experiment with staying focused on the sensations in your solar plexus, chest, and throat. This is scanning. In others words, practice being aware of what you are feeling in your energy processing centers.

Set your intention in the morning when you wake to scan as often as you remember during the day, and when you notice that you have forgotten, bring your attention back to scanning and reset your intention. This is probably not something you are used to doing, much less on an ongoing basis, so be gentle with yourself.

Make it a playful experiment to notice as many sensations in your energy centers as you can, both pleasant and painful.

Tip: Set an alarm on your watch or computer every hour if you need reminders.

Find the best ways to remember to scan, and enjoy becoming more aware of your emotions (no matter what sensations you discover).

Emotional awareness is continuously experiencing
the changing emotions within you. It requires your attention.
—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

The Heart of the Soul

Answer the following questions and be specific when you write about your experiences in the boxes below.