Exercise 4

You Choose Where You Will Drive

We sometimes find ourselves doing one thing while, at the same time, wanting to do something else. This happens when different parts of our personality have conflicting intentions.

Think about the following examples and consider:

Is this familiar to you?

You are at work and all you can think about is going on vacation.

You want to be loving to your spouse and you are angry about what she or he said before breakfast.

You love your sister but you feel upset because she gets all the attention.

You want to start an overdue project but you keep thinking about what you would rather be doing.

Responsible choice is the healing dynamic
that removes the power of your fears from over you.
—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

The Mind of the Soul

Think of an example of your own and picture it clearly in your mind.

Then ask yourself:

“What do frightened parts of my personality want to do?”

“What do loving parts of my personality want to do?”

Now choose what you will do.

Write what you learned about choice below.

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